About Square Wave Racing

Square Wave Racing was founded in February of 2010 to build and race an electric motorcycle in the TTXGP North American Championship.  With hardware and expertise provided by Sean Ewing of  REP LLC, a bike was designed and assembled in 13 weeks then delivered to the first electric road race in North America at Infineon Raceway, California.  Twelve teams from across the country registered for the race, ten started, and we were proud to finish seventh considering our brief development time,  tiny budget, and rider John Wild’s relative lack of experience.  Several teams had more money in their battery than we had in our whole project, and there were two professional riders on the grid.


Square Wave finished the rest of the races at the back of the pack.  All of the other teams that had speed similar to ours refused to travel across the country to compete for last place.  We decided to keep going to see what we could learn and try to make the bike faster. 


It is not surprising that our bike, the SWR1, could not be made to run at the front.  When Sean designed it he designed a sporty street bike that he hoped to some day mass produce.  He wanted it to go about 80 mph for about 80 miles and have a price in the range of other new motorcycles.  He hit the bulls eye with his calculations.  The SWR1 performed just as he predicted, but those numbers were not what was required for a TTXGP race winner.  Unfortunately, a different battery is required to get the higher speed for a shorter distance that we wanted for the races; and we couldn’t afford it.


For 2011 we hope to be able to find partners who can help us get faster, and use the lessons we learned to build a more competitive bike.  We have ideas and experience that can make winning races possible.


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